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Extravaganza ’18 Contest Categories

The MARC Board of Directors has selected the following contest categories. MARC would like to encourage members and attendees to place an entry in as many categories as possible to help continue the success our outstanding contest.

  1. Fisher / H.H.Scott: The rare, the powerful, the unusual, the beautiful looking (and sounding) by these two giants.
  2. Boat Anchors: They don’t play heavy metal… they ARE heavy metal. Communication equipment that you’d swear is filled with lead.
  3. Kit Audio: You built it, or you bought it already assembled, but it once was just a box, a pile of parts, and gleam in a hobbyist’s eye…
  4. End of the Line: The final hurrahs and last gasps from makers that have ceased to exist. Examples may [be either triumphant or pathetic.
  5. 1920’s Innovations: Sets that were the bee’s knees of the roaring 20’s. Maybe they cost a lot of clams, maybe their performance was hotsy-totsy, or maybe you had to be zozzled to love them, but don’t be a wet blanket; bring them in for us to enjoy.
  6. The Open: Any radio, television, tube, telephone or related electronic item of any manufacturer or era that you love and think might win a ribbon!
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