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The Michigan Antique Radio Club (MARC) has hosted many events .    They started in 1985 when the club was founded in Lansing and were known to radio collectors as “Extravaganza” and were in July.   Other smaller “swap meets”  happened in many other locations.   Beginning around 2012, the events were re-branded as “Vintage Electronics Expo” events to more accurately describe what is at these events…. MUCH more than just radios,  they feature vintage audio, records,  video, gaming, test equipment, parts and related devices.  If its 25 years or older and is an electronic entertainment related device, its at our EXPO events !  

Most of our events can include the following….  see specific event listings for details:

The silent auction allows people who only have a few items to sell, or  non-collector walk-ins to sell an item or few items they brought in for evaluation. Sellers can set a minimum bid and if the item does not sell, they can take it back with no charge.  If it sells,  the club receives 10% of the sale price.

Our contests have three or four radio-related categories. The people vote for their favorites. First, second, and third place awards are given for each category based on the votes. This allows members to share their favorites and let attendees view rare and beautiful radios they would otherwise not likely see.

At the end of the meet we hold a donation auction. Anything a seller doesn’t want to cart home can be donated to the club. We sell the items in a live auction and the money helps pay for running the meet. Many items go for under a dollar. Even a junk radio has a small value in parts. The donation auction helps insure that they don’t go to the landfill while still useful.

Throughout the meet, we offer  “E-Valuations” , where you can bring in a vintage radio, TV, audio gear, etc and obtain info on how to get it fixed,  sell it, or just find a home for it so they don’t have to throw it away. We do a lot of local advertising of our meets and encourage people to bring their items in.   Or, bring in pictures.   We can show where replacement parts can be bought, find local repairmen, or give them the outlet to sell the item. MARC does not buy items outright, but we can help find potential buyers or put the item in the Silent Auction. Most of the items brought in are fairly common and not very valuable.    There are no set prices for anything old,  so the items sell for the highest bid on the card in front of the item at the close time of the auction.  

But the main event of these meets is the flea market. We typically have over 150 tables rented at the Winter Vintage Electronics Expo.  You will see more vintage electronics items than at any other winter event in the state. The activity of buying, selling, and swapping radios and parts keeps our club and the hobby in general active and dynamic. Both the beginner and veteran can find affordable treasures for their collections.

As a promotion for the Winter 2023 Vintage Electronics Expo,  club member Mark Oppat of Plymouth appeared on FOX TV2 Morning News to talk about collecting.     Here is a link:    If you have items to donate or sell,  text or call Mark at 734-502-379 FOUR   

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