MARC Officers

MARC has several Board members who have been involved with the club since the early days, as well as several “newer” members. All MARC members are eligible to run for any office. MARC has been blessed to have only 3 Presidents in over 30 years ! First was Jim Clark who founded MARC in 1985 and served 15 years, next was John Reinicke who served 15 yrs and now, Jeff Lilly is at the helm and is helping MARC and the Vintage Electronics Expo events be the best possible.


Jeff Lilly
rackofhats@gmail dot com

Vice President

Ian Shackleford
radios@umich dot edu


Mark Goodwin
w8fsa@arrl dot net

Membership Secretary

Mark Waller
mwaller1@hotmail dot com

Recording Secretary

Sally Reinicke
sreinicke@comcast dot net

Chronicle Editor

Steve Enzer
enzer@binsys dot com


Media Director

Mark Oppat
moppat@comcast dot net

Technology Director

Leann Meixner
bluesthecat@gmail dot com


Nancy Colbert
Mike Dale
Bob Dobush
Dan Gutowski
Dick Jones
Mark Mokris
Mark Oppat
John Reinicke