Club History

MARC History

The Michigan Antique Radio Club (MARC) was officially founded October 19, 1985 at the Dillon Inn (now the Hampton Inn) in Lansing, Michigan. Present at this historical meeting to found MARC was Jim and Brenda Clark, Larry Anderson, Karl Rommel, Mike Male, Dick Perry and John Kent.

Club Founders

MARC Founders
Jim Clark, Brenda Clark, Larry Anderson, Karl Rommel, Mike Male, Dick Perry
Prior to there being an official club, Jim and Brenda Clark sponsored and organized four (4) swap meets in the name of the Michigan Antique Radio Club…the very first one being held May 5, 1984 at the Marshall Street Armory in Lansing, MI. The next two (2) swap meets were held at the same location on October 13, 1984 and April 20, 1985. The fourth swap meet was held September 21, 1985 at the Dillon Inn. After the club was officially founded, the first swap meet was held January 25, 1986 at the President’s Inn in Grand Rapids, MI and was hosted by Larry Anderson.

In the years since its founding of the club membership has grown to over 600. While most MARC members live within the Great Lakes region of the U.S. the organization also is represented throughout this country as well as Canada, Europe and Australia. The organization holds a one day swap meet with programming and competitive display presentations as well as a two day convention meet, EXTRAVAGANZA, held in Kalamazoo, Michigan each July. MARC also publishes The Michigan Antique Radio Chronicle, which is included with membership and is mailed about one month before each event.