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The Vintage Electronics Extravaganza!

The Vintage Electronics Extravaganza!  July 12, 13, 14, 2018
Flea Market 8AM to 3PM Friday July 13 and Saturday July 14!
General admission $5 a day


Kalamazoo Expo Center, 2900 Lake Street, Kalamazoo, MI.


For more information, contact Mark Goodwin, 9225 Moon Road, Saline, MI  48176  734-316-2803    Mark Goodwin books the spaces.

Alternate contact:  Mark Oppat at 734-207-2346.   Mark Oppat can answer general questions about the event.

Some FAQs for dealers about the event: 

When can I load in my stuff for sale?  Load in runs 4pm-9pm Thurs, and starting 7am Friday morning.

Is there AC power everywhere?  YES but it must be requested in advance with your registration

How easy is the load-in?  VERY EASY !  the hall has polished concrete floors for easy rolling.  The load in doors are large and you can get real close usually.  The club has 3′ long carts on site but please bring your own if you can.

What can I sell?  Generally anything 25 years or older that is electronic, or related items such as recordings, ephemera, signs, parts, restoration supplies, etc.  Reproductions of vintage items are OK if they are noted as such.  While acoustic phonos are technically mechanical devices, nobody will object to such things.

Who runs the event?  The VEE is produced by MARC, the Michigan Antique Radio Club and is staffed by volunteers- primarily the Board of MARC and spouses.  Volunteers are welcome for this or the Winter VEE,  contact any Board member if you would like to volunteer, run for office or have any ideas for the club or events.

How many Marks are involved?   Four , with one assisting off site !  Mark G, Mark O, Mark Y and Mark M are all on site,  Mark K helps with publicity.   Eventually everyone in the  MARC club will be named Mark.